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Iran Cyber Attack Discussed

Is Iran cyber attacking the United States of America? Yes, it is and here is why; Iran has acquired or is getting very close to nuclear warheads and atomic bombs. In fact many former government officials and intelligence sources say they have been told by contacts in Iran that Iran is very close indeed to actually producing a mini-nuke. Iran has said publicly that if you attack them they will go after your oil supplies or worse yet attack American bases in Afghanistan and Kuwait. Is Iran’s intentions true or is this just rhetoric? What do you think?

Iran cyber attack

One former high level US government advisor, James Carden, has stated; “I think it is clear that Iran is up to no good. It appears to me that whatever the Iranian leadership thinks is good for them is also bad for us.” You see, that’s quite a scary thought isn’t it? Now then will this new war with Iran go exactly as predicted? Well let’s consider this shall we? Consider if you will the recent news that Iran has cyber attacked the United States; the State Department was informed of this in a meeting and yet no one will take any responsibility to the leaks or leaking to the media.

What does that mean? Well, it means that Iran may well have hacked into the unclassified email database of the United States Department of State and passed on sensitive information. The head of the State Department was not notified of this in any way. How far would these hackers go to obtain such delicate information?

Further more; “The cyber war between Iran and the United States is already on and it is escalating,” said Carden. “A war with Iran will spell disaster for the United States and our people.” Wow, pretty scary stuff and quite accurate I’d say.

Iran has a long history of cyber warfare against the United States, other countries and its allies. Many times they’ve used this information to build up support for their cause. Is Iran planning a future cyber strike on the US with agents in the US? Is this what they’re hoping for? If so why do we not see them cut off US communications bandwidth, interfere with civilian internet sites and shut down our financial systems?

We cannot sit back and allow Iran to use these types of methods to hurt us. The cyber space is constantly changing and advancing. It will come back to haunt us all in the future. What’s good for Iran is bad for us and this cyber warfare is not only unfortunate but totally counterproductive. It’s time to stop the bleeding and put a stop to Iran’s malicious actions and prevent the cyber attacks from happening.

If Iran is trying to set up cyber attacks against the United States; they need to know that the United States and her allies are going to protect the nation. If we fail to defend ourselves and our interests, then Iran and her proxy terrorist group can set off a cyber strike on the US and our people and our nation will be on the wrong side of history. If Iran would ever consider cyber attacks on the United States, it is another sign that they will continue to push America around, try to take over the region and continue to destabilize the world. It makes no sense for the United States and her allies to allow Iran to have nuclear weapons.

If the Iranian government wants to stop at nothing to stop at first, then they must know that the United States and her allies are not afraid to protect the American people and our interests. If Iran is really worried about cyber attacks on their computer systems, then they should already have security to protect themselves. The fact is that anyone who wishes to attack the United States in any way is an enemy of the United States and all Americans should understand that. Please consider this in 2021.

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